Am I hearing some maternal violins??

Life has a special way of telling you never say never! I always thought of myself of not a very maternal person. Having a baby was always a part of my plan but it was a plan as that’s how I supposed things are meant to be. You go to school, finish education, get a job, get married, have A-BABY, while you are pursuing success and a happy life….That’s truly what I intended to do.

But then I met my husband (RC) who truly loves babies and that’s because he has several cuties on his side of the family.

And then a miracle happened. As I started to spend time with all these wonderful babies on my husband’s side of the family, I started to get fond of them, especially lil K and K (our niece and nephew) and started to discover feelings unknown. Without realizing I too wanted to be a mom to my own BABIES now.

I am not exaggerating even a bit when I say this, but it really was like mmmm—-okay ummmm kind of moment in my life, especially given how I felt about motherhood until then. I remember my lil sister always jokingly telling me that I would be such a strict and annoying mum. And here I started desiring something that I never thought I would….I wanted to be called with love mom/mumma/ mommy now….I wanted to sing lullabies to our babies now. I wanted to see a little of me and a little of my husband in our babies now. I wanted us to become a family now.

Well, truly I had started to hear some Maternal Violins playing in my sweet lil world…..



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